Your Idea, Our Development

Custom database and server solutions for mobile apps, web applications and desktop, from front-end to backend, created by our expert software developers.

  • Mobile Applications
  • Websites
  • Software
  • IoT

Text Messaging

Text messaging has become a preferred communication method, in both personal and professional life.  Due to the extremely high read rate associated with them, texts have become an optimal way to blast out important information, quickly and effectively. 

TIPMed has  the ability to send text messages to targeted audiences in two ways: 1) using a client-provided list of phone numbers, or 2) inviting people to opt-in to receive messages from our system using our dedicated short code. . Once the audience is determined, we can send text, images, audio, video, and links to surveys. Additional services include drip campaigns, reminder campaigns, recurring text messages, polling, and more! Talk to our team about how we can make text messaging work for you!

Portfolio/Content Management

iPad mobile application with a web-based content management system customized to fit your team’s needs.

  • Updates in real-time
  • Permission based access to all content
  • Support PDFs, videos, pictures, html zip file, PDF forms and audio files