TIPMed Mobile App Privacy Policy

TIP Medical Communications, Inc. (TIPMed) respects your personal privacy and is committed to adhering to federal and state privacy laws including the California Online Privacy Protection Act, as well as industry guidelines, to protect your identity. Contained within this document is an outline of the services provided by TIPMed, what personal data are collected via the service, and how such data are processed. TIPMed provides the service to clients and their coordinators (organizations and representatives who have licensed the uSummit App (the App) for their event[s]) who will use the app for the purposes outlined within this privacy policy.

Services Provided by TIPMed

TIPMed provides custom technology and event management solutions to our clients. TIPMed’s uSummit (the App) is a secure mobile app that centralizes event materials in a simple, easy-to-navigate digital format. Once end users have joined the event, they can start planning their on-site experience by creating their personal schedule, communicating with fellow app users, viewing event resources. The functionality available to end users is determined by the client and the event coordinator, and therefore can vary from one event app to another.

Types of Data Collected

Usage data
Navigating through the app communicates usage data, which is implicitly acquired during the navigation of the end user through the internet communications protocol.

Usage data include but are not limited to type of device and device ID, IP addresses, operating system, mobile internet browser, internet service provider, referring/exit pages, click patterns, geolocation, and other operating system parameters of the device used by the end user.

Usage data are not collected for the purpose of identifying the end user. However, end users must be aware that their identification may be possible through details provided in the future, as well as information held by third parties. Usage data help us to update and improve the uSummit platform.

We also use this information for security purposes, to detect and to block security breaches, and to provide you with a safe online environment.

Data communicated by the end user
To use the service, end users may need to register and disclose the information requested in the relevant forms in a complete and truthful manner. Whenever a field in the forms provided is described as “optional” or is not marked with an asterisk (*), it means that the end user is free not to communicate the requested data and the end user’s registration can be fulfilled without this information. The information collected by the App for registration purposes are: first name, last name. and email address. The end user’s personal data shall be processed upon the end user’s prior, free, and informed consent, when required by the law, and solely for the purposes outlined in this privacy policy. End users are responsible for any third-party personal data obtained, published, or shared through the App and must confirm that they have the third party’s consent to provide the data to the client and/or TIPMed.

Processing Personal Data

Methods used
The data of end users are processed in an appropriate manner and TIPMed shall take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or destruction of the data. The data processing is carried out using computers and/or IT-enabled tools, following organization procedures and modes strictly related to the purposes indicated.

The data are processed in the operation offices of the client and/or in any other location of the parties involved with the processing. For further information, please contact TIPMed at privacy@tipmedcom.com.

Retention time
The data are kept for the time necessary to provide the service requested by the end user or stated by the purposes outlined in this document; the end user can always request that the client suspend or remove the data. For further information, please contact TIPMed at privacy@tipmedcom.com.

The data concerning the end user are collected for the purposes described below. In particular, usage data are solely processed to:
– Permit the end user to navigate within the App from an operational and technical perspective
– Improve the experience of end users on the App
– Conduct a statistical analysis in an anonymous and aggregate fashion
– Ensure the security of the data and the uSummit App overall

Data communicated by the end user on a voluntary basis are processed to:
– Provide the service
– Fulfill specific duties for the client as set forth in the applicable laws and regulations
– Allow end users to register and customize the App based on their preferences
– Provide the end user informational messages and reminders related to the App
– Send advertising and informational messages aimed at promoting services of the client upon the consent of the end user
– Allow third parties involved in the provision of the service, where applicable, to fulfill their contractual obligations

Further details about the processing of personal data carried out by the owner can be found in the section below.

How It Works for End Users

End users must be aware that other users of the App may have access to, repost, or share the data they have provided on the app, which could include personal data such as name, nickname/screenname, location, as well as other information, including details of the event in which they are participating. These other users may make such information publicly available. Also, end users must be aware that the App allows interactions among mobile devices running the uSummit App. In particular, end users should keep in mind that it is up to the discretion of event coordinators at each event how individually identified information in the App is made available to other end users and who will be able to see all the information collected through the App. Individually identifiable information about a participant made available to others varies from event to event and includes, but is not limited to:
– Session attendance data that may be provided to the event coordinator
– When the end user has checked into a specific session or has been checked into a specific session
– Discussion data that may be provided to the event coordinator after the close of the event
– Notes that may be provided to the event coordinator when sent to the administrator
– Poll/survey data that may be provided to the event coordinator; however, these data are usually anonymous

End users who are not comfortable with the functioning of the App may delete the uSummit App from their personal mobile device or may ask the event coordinator to delete their personal data.

Data Communicated to TIPMed

Data automatically collected by TIPMed
The uSummit App requires the end user to register for the app and enter a 6-digit code. End users can register by providing the following data: first name, last name, and email address. TIPMed does not automatically collect any personal identifiable information from users. Use of the service may imply the automatic collection of some end user’s information and other usage data, such as type of device, IP address, and operating system.

Data communicated by the client
Notwithstanding the above, TIPMed may receive some personal identifiable information about end users including, but not limited to, their name and email address, primarily to support the functioning of the uSummit App relative to an event in which the app is being used.

TIPMed does not own any such data and shall process the data, as the Data Processor, according to the instructions and terms and conditions set forth in the agreement entered into with the client who remains the sole data controller.

Data Transfers

Liability for data transfers
Clients are solely liable for the lawful transmission of personal data that refer to end users to TIPMed. Clients shall inform such data subjects accurately about the intended data transfer and collect their prior explicit consent, if needed. In particular, clients shall inform their users about profiling activities possibly performed through the services provided by TIPMed.

Therefore, Clients are bound to inform the end users correctly about the data treatment performed with recourse to services provided by TIPMed according to applicable law, ie, providing a privacy policy including information about data treatment performed by TIPMed on their behalf.

To the same extent, clients are solely liable for the enforcement of consent revocations or other requests received by data subjects. Clients shall inform TIPMed accurately and without undue delay about the revocation of consent or the request and about the data to be deleted, amended, rectified etc. Clients are solely liable for any damage possibly arising to third parties (eg, their users or other users) due to an unlawful processing of personal data transferred to TIPMed.

Accessing, Correcting, or Updating Personal Information

The end user has the right to access your personal information to correct, amend, update, or delete information that is inaccurate or to request that we no longer use your personal information. If the end user has any questions or concerns regarding TIPMed’s collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information or if the end user wishes to change, amend, delete, or review your personal information, please send a letter or email with your request and current contact information to TIPMed at:

TIP Medical Communications, Inc.
Attn: Privacy Department
555 E. Main Street
Chester, NJ 07930
Or Email: privacy@tipmedcom.com

We will use reasonable efforts to respond to requests as soon as possible. When updating end user personal information, we may ask requester to verify his/her identity before we can act on the request.

Personal data can be collected using some of the following services:

This service is used to analyze aggregate usage data.

Google Firebase
Personal data collected: usage data
Place of processing: U.S.
Privacy policy: https://firebase.google.com/support/privacy

Hosting and back-end infrastructure
This type of service is used to host data and files that enable the App to be run and also provides an infrastructure to run specific features of the uSummit App.

Amazon Web Services
Place of processing: U.S.
Privacy policy: https://aws.amazon.com/privacy/

Push notifications
uSummit App may send push notifications to the user.

Last modified: October 14, 2020