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Medical Affairs Professionals use TIPMed to manage HCP/KOL interactions, capture insights and manage teams on-site.
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Why Medical Affairs
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KOL/HCP Management
KOL/HCP Management
On-site Team Management
On-site Team Management
Notes/Insight Capturing
Notes/Insight Capturing
KOL & HCP management
Schedule your 1:1 engagements

Schedule and track KOL profiles and 1:1 engagements with HCPs and KOLs in real time using KEConnect, our proprietary web-based management portal. Our uSummit app houses all of your engagements for your colleagues to view, and even manage remotely.
The two platforms integrate seamlessly for optimal scheduling, tracking, and record- keeping.

KOL & HCP Interactions
Track your KOL interactions

Using TIPMed’s interactive KOLRMS platform, medical affairs professionals are able to take notes on individual interactions and segment information based on team, indication and more for optimal organization and follow-up.

Notes/Insights Capturing
Data analysis and collection
Gone are the days of manually visiting congress websites to pull the data you need, let us do it for you. We’ll gather the data you need, and provide a list of events for your team to work with, all in an easy to use excel format.
Connect, inform and train with podcasting

Whether you want to record them yourself, or have the TIPMed team record & mix your podcast for you, podcasting has become a great way to engage and educate your colleagues while they’re constantly on the go.

Solutions in Action

The pharma industry uses our solutions

Emilia Clarke
Internal Meeting
Associate Director, Meeting & Event Management
"Every year we have our POA meeting, which sometimes, sees upwards of 1,000+ attendees—that is A LOT of schedules to manage! Some meetings where have multiple teams attending, and then those teams break down further into assigned workshops and breakouts. We need everyone to see their schedule so they know where they’re going. We were also looking to make these meetings more interactive for our attendees."

TIPMed Solutions:
  • Simplified complex schedule with over 1,000 individual sessions and breakouts
  • Custom scavenger hunt to encourage user engagement
  • Push notifications to drive interaction and highlight important app content
Emilia Clarke
Meetings & Conventions Planner
"We need a place to house multi-track agendas, manage schedules, allow attendees to interact during presentations, and track insight reporting. We also need our teams to be able to stay connected while on-site at meetings, as well as review and follow up on materials- post-event. Additionally, it would be helpful to be able to manage meeting rooms, room bookings, engagements, and travel logistics."

  TIPMed Solutions:
  • Created hub to house team schedules, personal agendas, and important resources
  • Allowed users to schedule 1:1 meetings and book meeting rooms through uSummit app
  • Enabled team members to stay connected with in-app chat
  • Notes module enabled users to collect valuable insights on key abstracts with notes, photos, videos, and more
KOL Management
Conventions Manager
"So much of our job revolves around managing and meeting with KOLs/HCPs, and taking back information we’ve gathered from our meeting. We needed a platform where we could not only view our entire team’s scheduled 1:1 engagements, but one which provided us with assistance in scheduling them, as well, from both company laptops and mobile devices.

Furthermore, when interacting with different KOLs/HCPs across multiple functions and regions, keeping track of their credentials, our interactions with them, and notes from each engagement has become challenging. Specifically, balancing Excel spreadsheets with KOL/HCP information leads to difficulty with version control and ensuring that the data is up to date."

TIPMed Solutions:
  • Management of KOL/HCP profiles used at events to track interactions and meetings
  • Ability to Invite/schedule/manage 1:1 Engagement with KOLs/HCPs prior to an event
  • KOL/HPC profiles and scheduled events viewable while on-site
Emilia Clarke
Clinical Trials
Associate Director, Marketing
"We didn’t have a central platform for franchises to manage and organize clinical trial data. We wanted to set it up in such a way that all internal stakeholders could easily access, view, and manage key information, such as company name, trial name, key dates, and study endpoints."

  TIPMed Solutions:
  • Created a hub to house clinical trial data, categorized by indication
  • Incorporated software that allowed users to easily compare clinical trials
  • Set up push notifications to alert users to new and important clinical trial updates
Director, Commercial Training
"We were so excited to start hosting podcasts for our team, which we were framing as “training tools,” but we didn’t have any idea where to start! What we did know was that we wanted to house them all in one place, and they definitely needed to be able to be listened to offline. We intended to record most episodes in a more traditional podcast format, but also wanted to add some internal training calls into our training library, so we needed help with all that coordination."

  TIPMed Solutions:
  • Created a housing unit for podcasts including training materials
  • Provided support to facilitate the creative development of podcasts, from concept to release
  • Alerted users via push notifications to the release of podcasts, complete with transcripts and offline listening capabilities
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