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We are passionate about Pharma and Pharma only. We are using our 20+ years of expertise and experience to make a lasting difference in the field by building a better future through the power of technology. 

We are all about everything meeting, congress, event, and conference. We love being creative and brainstorming outrageous, innovative ideas, both with and for our clients. After all, you never know where your next big idea may come from! 




The Best Team Available

Julianna Schiavino


Jennifer Lowe

Assoc. Project Manager

Kimberly Wolff

Director, uSummit

Stefan Martin

Director, Client Development

Bobby Vanderhoof

Director, Event Management

Annie Doherty

Director, Client Engagements

Amanda Barletta

Project Manager

Ira Flood

CEO / Managing Director

Zorica Haboj

VP, Client Engagements

Julianna Salus

Assoc. Project Manager

Nik Froehlich


Shannon Weldon

Project Manager

Ariana Gallo

Assoc. Project Manager

Tyler Bothers

Project Coordinator

Christine Friedman

Sr. Mgr, Client Engagements

Dmitry Semenov


Leighe Weifert

VP, Product Dev & Operations

Ileana Lavie

Project Manager

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