Agencies use TIPMed as a value-add to provide KOL/HCP management.
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Comprehensive Meeting Management
Comprehensive Meeting Management
Meeting Room Reservation
Meeting Room Reservation
Limitless, tailored possibilities
Limitless, tailored possibilities
Comprehensive meeting management
Your meeting, less management

House multiple schedules and materials, encourage group communication, live interactivity and much more through our uSummit app. With a dedicated expert helping you navigate every step, you can focus on more pressing matters. From the kick-off meeting to the post-conference debrief, your event is in safe, experienced hands.

Hands-on KOl coordination
1:1 KOL Engagements

Schedule, update and send invites to KOL meetings directly through our ENGAGE platform. Excel spreadsheets are difficult to keep updated; avoid version control with one online platform that tracks all of your meetings.

meeting room reservation tracking
Book a meeting room

Take the stress out of managing on-site meeting room minutia. uSummit allows users to book rooms themselves, collects any information you want to capture, and provides detailed room analytics as soon as the meeting ends.

Limitless, tailored possibilities
Your ideas in action

Not sure what you’re looking for? We’re here to help you figure out what you need and provide the perfect solution. And if it doesn’t exist yet, we’ll create it for you. From custom portfolio apps, to apps for patient support, we’ll make it happen.

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The pharma industry uses our solutions

Emilia Clarke
Internal Meeting
Associate Director, Meeting & Event Management
"Every year we have our POA meeting, which sometimes, sees upwards of 1,000+ attendees—that is A LOT of schedules to manage! Some meetings where have multiple teams attending, and then those teams break down further into assigned workshops and breakouts. We need everyone to see their schedule so they know where they’re going. We were also looking to make these meetings more interactive for our attendees."

TIPMed Solutions:
  • Simplified complex schedule with over 1,000 individual sessions and breakouts
  • Custom scavenger hunt to encourage user engagement
  • Push notifications to drive interaction and highlight important app content
Emilia Clarke
Virtual/Hybrid Meeting
Manager, Competitive Intelligence
"Due to recent events, congresses have decided to go virtual, but that hasn’t stopped us from needing to attend. In this new virtual world, we need a platform that integrates the latest information provided by the congress virtually while allowing us to otherwise customize and build it based on other priorities and needs. Our MSLs need to be able to easily and efficiently gather insights on specific abstracts, just as they would at a live conference review post-congress."

TIPMed Solutions:
  • Full schedule of all virtual events with assigned coverage
  • Enabled collection of valuable insights on key abstracts through Notes Module, including pre-loaded questions, photos, videos, and tags
  • In-app chats that allowed team members to stay connected remotely
Emilia Clarke
Team Management
Vice President, Market Access
"We needed a space where colleagues could view and share important internal and external events, and connect with one another at their leisure. Because we have a handful of teams, we also needed a platform everyone could access but that allowed for private inter-team communication. In other words, we wanted to keep everyone connected without the need for outside management. We’ve used other material housing websites that seem to never work, or are just too difficult to manage."

  TIPMed Solutions:
  • Created hub to house team schedules, personal agendas, and important resources
  • Engaged team members with live announcements, chat, polls, surveys, and push notifications
  • Enabled permission- based content for use by multiple teams in one app
Emilia Clarke
Book a Meeting Space
Agency Partner
"Simply put, we wanted to allow our meeting attendees to have total autonomy to book a meeting space. As meeting planners, we have so much that requires our attention during an event, and managing room availability and booking can be an all-consuming task. There’s specific information we need to capture, though, so ideally we wanted to be able to monitor availability without having to manage it. That said, with specific teams needing access to specific rooms, and some team leads still preferring to control their space, we also needed to provide them with the ability to monitor their rooms. Additionally, because meeting space can be hard to come by at these large meetings, we wanted to make sure our rooms are being utilized for the highest priority meetings." 

TIPMed Solutions:
  • Enabled attendees to reserve, move, or cancel available time slot(s) for meetings in a specific room with all required information
  • Empowered attendees to invite other attendees to meetings
  • Built in option for meeting managers to moderate meeting room requests from attendees
New Hire
Human Resources Specialist
"Getting a new group of colleagues can be exciting, but getting them set up with the various technology they’ll need is often time-consuming, sometimes even nerve- wracking. We wanted a platform that not only welcomes new members to the team, but helps them to easily access new materials and schedules they might need during their introductory period, and participate in group discussions. Ultimately, we wanted to incorporate an element of “fun” into our space, as well as, give them—and us— a little break during the busy new hire experience."

TIPMed Solutions:
  • Personalized training schedules with links for virtual/hybrid meetings
  • Access to all relevant company materials
  • Interactive capabilities with new colleague through chats and quizzes
KOL Management
Conventions Manager
"So much of our job revolves around managing and meeting with KOLs/HCPs, and taking back information we’ve gathered from our meeting. We needed a platform where we could not only view our entire team’s scheduled 1:1 engagements, but one which provided us with assistance in scheduling them, as well, from both company laptops and mobile devices.

Furthermore, when interacting with different KOLs/HCPs across multiple functions and regions, keeping track of their credentials, our interactions with them, and notes from each engagement has become challenging. Specifically, balancing Excel spreadsheets with KOL/HCP information leads to difficulty with version control and ensuring that the data is up to date."

TIPMed Solutions:
  • Management of KOL/HCP profiles used at events to track interactions and meetings
  • Ability to Invite/schedule/manage 1:1 Engagement with KOLs/HCPs prior to an event
  • KOL/HPC profiles and scheduled events viewable while on-site
Speaker Trainings
Senior Project Manager
"For a meeting where our speakers were being educated on current product slide decks, we were in need of a platform that could house our schedule, speaker profiles, presentations and other documents while also facilitating seamless internal communication and access to all the information provided during the meeting."

TIPMed Solutions:
  • Published full schedule of all Speaker Training sessions
  • Provided participants with access to all relevant training materials
  • Configured in-app chats, polling, and surveys to permit and encourage attendee communication and engagement
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