uSummit is a secure mobile and web  app that centralizes event materials in a simple, easy-to-navigate digital format. uSummit enhances your attendees’ experience in many ways. The app is coupled with a cloud-based Content Management System for real-time updates.

  • Up-to-date information is available at attendee fingertips
  • Going paperless - attendees need not worry about carrying anything by their mobile device
  • Communication with fellow attendees and the event organizers
  • The ability to develop personal schedules and plan their on-site experience
  • Book on-site meetings with no worry of doublebooking


KEconnect is a web-based portal that provides a simple interface for managing and tracking 1:1 engagements and meeting schedules in real time. KEconnect can be directly integrated with uSummit and our KOL Relationship Management System (KOLRMS), making 1:1 engagement management and meeting planning as seamless as possible.

  • Easily schedule meetings
  • Align and compare invitee calendars
  • Track replies in real time
  • Create reports on-demand
  • Alleviates worries about version control


KOLRMS is an interactive platform, designed by TIPMed to help clients easily track and manage KOL profiles so they always have the most current information on the opinion leaders their teams are working with. 

  • View and create KOL profiles, which can be integrated with existing systems
  • Capture information from 1:1, Executive, and Congress interactions
  • Track engagement expenses
  • Take notes on individual interactions
  • Segment information based on team, indication, and more.