Back of the House

Congress planning is a heavy lift… without uSummit services

Planning a successful congress requires a significant amount of time, effort, and consideration. What are the goals for the event? What should our presence look like? What is our business objective? Focusing on those big-picture aspects is challenging when you also have to manage all the other smaller, but still important details. When you utilize uSummit services, we handle everything from soup to nuts, allowing our clients to focus on their highest priorities.

After establishing the planning team and key stakeholders, we dive into discussing strategies and identifying a plan of action to get us across the congress finish line. Through collaborative planning calls, the involvement of specialized working groups, and the development of a robust project plan, our Client Engagement team is able to efficiently assist our clients with a seamless congress planning experience. The more support you have from TIPMed, the fewer questions you have to worry about answering. Meet our team and we promise you will never want to plan a meeting without us again!



Meet TIPMed Team Member: Annie Doherty

Annie is our Director of Client Engagements, and her skills never cease to amaze her clients and co-workers alike. Whether she is delivering high quality congress planning from her home office or on-site around the world, Annie has your back. She is a woman of the people, known to switch from business talk to laughter in a moment. When you work with Annie, you feel confident that you have the most capable, hands-on planner by your side while keeping you smiling (and probably laughing) throughout the whole congress. When Annie’s not in the office, you can find her on the beach enjoying the sunshine, playing tennis, or traveling the world with her boyfriend.

If you’re in need of a friendly face or a pick-me-up at the next congress you attend, just look for Annie!


Annie’s Congress Planning TIP

💡Track everything! Having a project plan as a centralized, shared resource for all things sponsorship, logistics and overall planning will keep everything—and everyone—organized; it will also keep questions to a minimum, saving you lots of time! Continue updates as planning progresses and this living, breathing document will serve as your congress bible.