Back of the House

What if your entire team could arrive on-site with a personalized agenda? With uSummit, they can.

Meeting planning is hard, even without the task of creating block agendas for every team you’re in charge of. But juggling countless tracks for multiple breakouts with different breaks and end times is enough to send anyone over the edge! Imagine a meeting where no one asks you where they need to be, who they’re scheduled to meet with, or what sessions they’re supposed to attend. We’re here to turn that dream into reality.

uSummit’s Personalized Agenda feature is the secret weapon you’ve been looking for. Give us your color-coded block agenda or old school lined timetables and we’ll turn them into individualized agendas for all your meeting-goers. Not to mention, attendees can sign up for workshops, request meetings, and keep all their highest priority sessions organized right within the app. What are you waiting for? Experience first-hand how uSummit’s Personalized Agendas can transform your meetings!


Meet TIPMed Team Member: Julianna Salus

As our Associate Project Manager, Julianna—known to most as Juls—is a wiz when it comes to on-site services for internal meetings, especially when it comes to in-depth personal agendas. With Juls at your meetings, you’ll quickly feel like she’s another member of your team, and being able to tap into her knowledge of every workshop and track brings the uSummit app to life!

Juls delivers hands-on service for all meetings with the brightest blazers and the brightest smile in the game! In her free time, you can find her baking the most delicious and innovative pastries—her Key lime cheesecake bites and sea salt brown butter chocolate chip cookies are an office favorite here!


Julianna’s Personal Agendas TIP

uSummit’s Personal Agendas are a great organizational, time-saving resource to help create super customized agendas for each of your attendees. From general sessions to breakouts to individual headshot appointments, this tool helps keep each attendee aware of exactly where they are meant to be throughout a meeting, keeping everyone on track, on time, and on the same page.