Back of the House

Trying to make sense of your latest congress insights?

TIPMed Technology Spotlight

Rather than waiting until after a meeting has ended to gather feedback and information, leverage TIPMed’s uSummit app to compile actionable congress insights with ease in real time. With already too much to stay on top of while attending a meeting, the platform helps you and your team capture, organize, share, and report on congress insights while on the go.

uSummit’s user-friendly in-app notepad includes QR code scanning, photo capture, and tags. Plus, you can customize your own insight templates to contain the key questions you want filled out for each session before publishing your findings to your colleagues. Post-congress, TIPMed will provide you with a full export of all recorded insights in your choice of Excel, Word, or fully designed compendium.


Meet our TIPMed Team Member: Kimberly Wolff

As Director of uSummit, Kimberly has a hand in every part of our tech platform, from interface to client experience! She’s known for going above and beyond to help clients cultivate their insight templates and reports to ensure everyone’s needs are met (and then some). She’s always got a trick up her sleeve!

When Kim isn’t pulling rabbits out of hats to deliver on unique clientele requests, you’re likely to find her playing with her two actual rabbits or in the first row at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, singing along to her favorite bands.

Keep an eye out for more of Kimberly’s insights on insights, and be sure to look for her at the next concert you attend (you may just see her there)!



Kimberly’s Insight TIP

Want to gather specific feedback on sessions? Use uSummit’s customizable note templates to create pre-set fields, such as tags and questions, allowing users to record insights on different sessions of interest for more refined reporting!