Back of the House

Get back to hosting in-person events safely with touch-free badge printing

TIPMed Technology Spotlight

Of all the things you might have to worry about at a conference or meeting, securing your badge shouldn’t be one of them. uSummit’s touch-free badge printing makes the normally hectic registration process a breeze. Once someone has downloaded the uSummit app, their individualized QR code can be used to print their badge at one of our many on-site kiosks in seconds—completely touch-free! uSummit’s badge printing feature facilitates a convenient, fast, hygienic way to level up your attendee registration and check-in process. So, everyone can take back a few extra minutes to grab some breakfast and that much-needed cup of coffee or tea before meetings begin!.

Leighe’s uSummit Kiosk TIP

Encourage your attendees to log in to the app and view their badge prior to the event. This will allow them to fix any spelling mistakes or change their name to a nickname. Therefore speeding up the badge printing process and saving you the headache of incorrect information and long lines.



Meet TIPMed Team Member: Leighe Weifert

As our resident tech guru with 10 years at TIPMed, there is not much Leighe doesn’t know! As Vice President of Product Development, she has grown our team to span across the world. Through her innovative thinking in today’s rapidly changing event tech environment, Leighe spearheaded TIPMed’s move to touchless badge printing and other customizable kiosk features…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We have yet to think of something she can’t make happen. When Leighe isn’t in the office making technology innovation dreams come true, you can find her braving the steep mountains as she hikes a new trail or curled up next to a good book, enjoying a piping hot cup of tea.

Stay tuned for more of Leighe’s new product developments, and shoot her an email if there’s a feature you’d like to see brought to life (or if you know of a hiking trail she should check out)!